How you ever been blocked on Messenger?

I feel kind of guilty but at the same time, I feel like it was necessary.
I blocked my best friend on Messenger.

We had a fight. She hurt my feeling deeply. She blurted things out that were really out of context, things she knows I am very sensitive about, I guess she did it to "get even."

We did this fight via Facebook (chat).

When I get mad I have the tendency to not fight back with harsh words. I usually leave the conversation. If it's my fault, I would usually send her a message later on apologizing or I would like to call her right away. But according to her "I am" the one who is always wrong. She once in a while she will call me after a fight, or other times she will message before I message her. It's pretty even when it comes to who apologies first.

But today I told her several times that "I didn't wish to speak to her, that she disrespected me and hurt my feelings." She kept going on, etc... I wished her a safe trip, dismissed myself and blocked her on Messenger.

In this scenario, I feel she needs to apologize. Call me! We talk every single day, but I think I will give her a break. She hurt my feelings deeply. However, I do not wish to end the friendship.


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  • It's understandable that you blocked her, but it often makes it hard for the blocked person to apologise without feeling awkward


What Girls Said 1

  • No I haven't but I have blocked a fee.


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