How do I land a second date?

I don't get it. Everytime I have a good first date with a girl she's all excited afterwards and I always hear from them afterwards, but I never can seem to land a second date.
Usually they just don't give me a response for a second date, but then we usually keep texting so it's always confusing to me. Why keep in touch if they have no intention on going on a Date? They just lead me on then one day they will quit texting altogether.


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  • Have you tried setting up a second date while still on the first?

    • I never have. I always thought I would come off as overly eager doing that, but I do tell her I had a great time and say we should do something together again. I just don't go into details of what that would be.

    • Is it easier to plan another date while on a date or something?

    • Try it, see if you get a better response

  • What do you mean? Do they refuse a second date?

    • Do you ask for a second date?

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    • They usually just don't respond or they will partially agree. Like say for example they will agree to an activity, but then I'll ask if such and such time at such and such place will work and they won't respond. Then I don't want to appear desperate, so I won't ask anymore.

    • I'm just tired of the games girls play. Why can't they be straight forward?

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