Should I text him? He said "I'll text you later"?

I'm a freshmen & he's a senior @the same college. We met 3 weeks ago @an event on campus when he approached me. We talked for an hour &it ended w/him asking me to go to dinner. He mentioned how he likes my energy, says I make really good eye contact & that he likes me.

He took me to dinner &we had another really great time (he asked me to go out again) We hung @his place after & listened to music, talked about books we read & he said he would give me some of his. He kissed me once @the end & said "u don't hook up w/boys do u", I said I don't. He said how he didn't want to push any limits & asked why I didn't hook up w/boys. When he dropped me off @my car on campus he said "text me when u get home so I know u are safe", so I texted him &we continued talking.

When I saw him after that day, it was @an event we both went to. He didn't reply to my text from earlier that day (he replied to other texts before that) then I saw him. We talked @ the event & when he left he hugged me & said "I'll text you later". He ended up calling me &asked if I wanted to go to a Christmas choir w/him that night. I went w/him & after he said "what are u doing after this?" I said I don't know, then I ended up hanging @ his place.

He commented on how I have good legs & calves & started playing w/them. We talked for an hour then he started to make out w/me &I saw him smile. About 3 minutes into it he stopped cause he said that he was getting turned on. He tried to take my bra off & I wouldn't let him. He asked me to massage his head. He also did push-ups w/me standing on his back. After that he asked me to cuddle, so then we cuddled & both fell asleep for 40 minutes. I woke up at 12am & had him drive me back to campus.

When he dropped me off he said "I'll text you later". It has been 8 days since he said that & he has still not texted me. Is he cutting me off? Although, this past week was finals & he's busy, tends to take a while to reply to texts & was super tired when he said "I'll text u later"
Should I text him? He said "I'll text you later"?
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