Long distance relationship, will it work?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends on him and you.

    • Yeah i know, im not confident with it.

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    • I was not okay with it. But i can't hold him back you know.

    • That is sad coz. Career is destroying your love life. If he needs to give you a nice life he has to focus on career and you need him. I am so sorry. Hope he will get back to you.

Most Helpful Girl

  • If you both have equal effort and you can stand being away from each other, sometimes people lose ability of effort and focus when they can't see that person every day anymore, it is like that person is only sorta kinda in their lives even if they do really love them.

    • This is why... We never been apart

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    • But i missed him like every single time 😖 i know it's hard for both of us... I dont want to hold him back too...

    • You're going to miss him, but it is good that you aren't holding him back, but when you really love someone you support them in anything they want to do whether you're ready for it or not... because you want the best for them and at the end of the day you want them to be happy

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  • It will work.

    • You sure?

    • Sure, why not. If they really love each other and stay loyal, it will work.

    • But you won't meet with your SO like in very long time

  • It will if both people put effort into it.


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