So, is dating an ex a bad idea?

So i had this crush and we dated for 10 months but broke up and didn't talk for 2 years and now we started talking Again like on a regular basis and i still have feelings for her so should i go for her or move on?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I'd say follow your heart, but don't go all in or all out. If you decide you wanna have her back, just make her wish she had you back. Be your best self... That way, if she starts falling for you, it will be easy to get back together. If the opposite happens, no regrets cuz there's always somebody else.

  • I will say follow your heart its not a crime to give people chances , if they blew if again then its okay. But taking a risk and following your heart doesn't hurt.


What Guys Said 1

  • It could work. Iv just started dating my ex again after 4 years of not seeing her, she's coming to a party tonight to meet my fiancé, hopefully they get along and I get them drunk and sniffed up enough to get them in bed together 🤣🤣👌


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