He asked me to travel with him?

I was seeing this guy for 2 months until I went away to another city, even tho we agreed to see each other when I come back, we kind of fade away to each other’s life during the 3 months when
We kind of always keep in contact even after I came back. We started to see other people without saying to each other explicitly while still keeping each other on hook.

Now we both ended with the other person we were seeing after I came back (coincidence), and he started to hit me again but said he still doesn’t want to settle down yet. We even talked about each other’s ideal type, he told he he likes extroverted and confident girls, which is nearly the opposite of me.

Tonight he asked me to travel to Italy with him during Christmas holiday and he said he wants me. I had strong feelings for him in the beginning, I’m afraid I’d fall again if I start to see him again.

So here is the question, would guys ask a casual partner to travel with? Do you guys think he only wants me for sex or possibly wants more?


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  • Depends he might be looking for longterm too may be he wanna travel with u to know u mentally n physically too


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