Why don’t my boyfriend give me attention 🙄?

My boyfriend and I have just started dating but known each other for seven years and in a long distance relationship, he lives in Texas and I’m in Pennsylvania, I go to see him and he isn’t all over me, we had sex about 4 times in that week.. do you think he isn’t that into me? Or I’m just being crazy


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  • Since when having sex four times a week is considered "isn't that into me"?

    • I haven’t seen this man in 7 years.. I thought he’d be more touchy feely

    • Men are rarely touchy-feely. And they almost never show it to women, because it's not exactly good for their "strong and manly" image.

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  • May be you are getting too passionate about it! Is it so because your ex gave you more attention than this person?

    • No my ex hardly gave me attention but he does now because he wants me back

    • Lucky you! Well give this person some time and space. Hope it would work...

  • 4 times a week and how many times a day in that week. And what's his schedule. What's his job and all that stuff matters if he need to give you his attention. Better ho on a nice holiday. Rather than posting it here.

  • Maybe he is not expressive
    Or maybe he was expecting the ldr to stay that way and not turn into actual meeting


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