Her Co-Workers are Getting Involved- Red Flag?

So I recently asked a girl who works next door to me out for coffee, to great success. The only issue I have is that now all of her co-workers are calling my work and asking my fellow co-workers about me.

I understand that they're trying to play matchmaker by sizing me up, but it's honestly irritating.

Not only that, but one of her co-workers approached me and suggested that I get her Victoria's Secret for Christmas, because, "That's what she wants." Like, we haven't even gone out yet, I doubt she asked for that, and I'm sure as hell not trying to move that fast.

I've kept myself out of the dating scene for a while- is this what's to be expected? Should I be worried about future meddling by her co-workers? I'm just trying to get to know an individual, not get involved in a weird social-gauntlet.


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  • That’s just weird. And approaching you for gifts? Pump the breaks there, Susan.


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