Why would a guy text you to hangout but not friend you on Instagram?

After three months he texts me saying how am I and what’s up. Then asks me to hangout with him. Why after three months he finally texts me? I use to hangout with this guy and he was always nervous I really liked this guy that it was me who was more open and just going after him. And that time he rejects me because he’s not ready for a relationship. Things became complicated we ended talking and I unfollowed him and then he did the same. But now he’s talking to me and is not even requesting to follow me. Which is kinda weird...


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  • Because social media shouldn't be used to determine how he feels. It's just social media, an ex of mine used to get mad at me for not liking things she shared or tagged me in. He probably is like me and doesn't put a lot of meaning behind stuff like that, but the meaning is behind what he actually says to you.


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  • Because Instagram is weird and dumb


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