How Do You Catch Yourself From Moving Too Fast With A Guy That You're Sexually And Physically Attracted Too?

So I've been pen pals with this guy that my brother had write me, they are both currently at correctional facilities but since I've been writing him and looking at his pics on social media I've been really attracted to him physically and from his letters I know that he really wants to talk to me and get to know me BUT how do I continue to talk to him without getting my feelings involved or over doing it?


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  • Tone down the communication. Don't say as much, don't think about him too much and focus on other things. Yourself, your friends etc. You don't want to rely on this guy's attention, you want to be 100% happy being single and be prepared for it to fail, that way, there's no surprises if it does and it won't hurt as much.

  • Why do you start ever word with a capital letter?


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