Is seeing is believing or deceiving?


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  • Your reality is based on the belief that your senses won't deceive you. Some people needs their senses, like smell, touch, sight or hearing, to believe something.. Others will rely on a different kind of sense, to grasp whether something is, or isn't. :)

    • But if you don't see something like infra red for example, does it mean it doesn't exist?

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    • I believe in universal connection myself. That we are/were all part of the same original energy/thought, that expanded to make the universe as we now perceive it. I also believe that the existing religions adhere to the same beliefs, but molded by different cultures to be named separately. This is what makes sense to me. :)

      Consider this - You have two eyes, each composed of 130 million photoreceptor cells. In each of those cells, there are 100 trillion atoms, more than all the stars in the milky way galaxy. However, each atom in each cell in each eye formed in the core of a star, bilions of years ago, and yet, all to expand the consciousness, that is 'you'.

      Our cosmos may be all we know, but it has an interesting sense of irony, in that we are the cosmos experiencing itself.. All we are, is a thought.. Part, of the original thought. :)

    • U r a true Guru mate. I believe in what you believe.
      It's as we r the universe in a human experience, nothing is lost in the universe just energy takes different form. Like water.
      I always think that someone need to make this way of thinking a mainstream.

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  • If I see something, I'm more likely to believe it but that's not all it would take. It would depend how crazy the thing was. Like if I saw Seth Rogen walking past me, smoking a joint. I'd probably believe that. If I saw an alien looking ship fly over my head, id probably explore alternative theories.

    I don't think we can take our senses as being absolute truth when we still barely understand consciousness or the world around us.

    • Hehehe, well said mate. I guess we are as human just in the beginning of a long humbling journey

  • I have to touch to believe, I don't trust my eyes. There are optical illusions so I'm not sure if it's real or not if I see it

  • Are you asking if looks deceive?

    • Yes, like do u perceive a person by his/her look. Like do u think you know this person before you talk to them?

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    • Well said mate. Well said. Love Jesus wisdom. Hope the world come to be like that one day

    • It won't.
      Looks and Money will always trump Godly character here on earth.

      The idea is that Mrs. Right should also be looking for Godly character, not looks herself, and to me, that always is a lot tougher than I previously thought.

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