Why pretty girls change so easily?

I've been in relationships with pretty/cute girls and all were short terms. They either cheated or lost interest in me. I turned from a sweet, funny boyfriend to a jealous and insecure one because they always had some other guys to talk to.
I've always been a caring and loyal partner my whole life but what I got were those craps. I just can't understand why? I'm good looking, tall and have a good sense of humor but what happened to my love life makes me somehow less confident.
Hey pretty girls, although you have a lot of options it doesn't mean that you can cheat on your bf/partner or talk with many other guys behind their back. That's evil OK?


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  • maleus maleficarium my friend.

    you need to jack off a lot, your problems will vanish.

    coming from a guy who had shit luck with dating and girls in general


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