I have a boyfriend but I like someone else, what should I do?

I'm 16 and i have a boyfriend, let's call him 'A'. So we've been together since a little over a year now and i like him a lot. He's got a really nice personality and treats me very well. Since the past 2-3 months though, we haven't talked properly. Neither on call or on texts. He doesn't come to meet me either. He joined this sport academy because he likes the sport and is VERY busy lately. Says he gotta handle studies, and sports so is very busy and so he doesn't have any time for me. I feel left out. There's this guy friend of mine, say 'B'. Now B is a very nice person too. We've been friends since a month now and i just recently realized i like him. We text constantly, he helps out with my studies A LOT and is always there to support me if i need anything. So I've been feeling really confused and frustrated lately because of the two of them. Finally a few days ago I told B i like him. He was pretty chill about it and we act normal. But since then he's started flirting with me a lot and i reciprocate. I haven't told A about it all. I do feel really guilty i feel as though im cheating But i think it was A's fault to have completely avoided me in the first place. So, this was basically a rant kind of thing but please give me suggestions if you guys have any. Thanks for reading.
I have a boyfriend but I like someone else, what should I do?
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