So I have a date with a girl who I'm talking to in the internet. Our chat is always amazing. How can it be just as amazing in person? Any advice?

Because we talk A LOT ALL DAY, I'm afraid we will not have anything to talk about on the first date lol
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  • Don't panic, and just be yourself. Also try not to put too much pressure on the date. I've met people from online and sometimes it works and others the energy isn't right.

    So make sure to relax, talk about normal things and try to get to know each other away from technology. See if you can transfer the chemistry into person!

    Oh Like someone else has mentioned dinner can be a bad idea firstly it can make it awkward and some people don't like eating around people they first meet. A movie could help conversation after but I would personally feel awkward sitting in the dark with someone I barely know and you aren't able to talk then either! Some fun things I would suggest is bowling, pool, a drink, a coffee, crazy golf something where you can have fun! Also a little playful competition can be fun and help flirting behaviours.

    • I'm talking with her for almost 3 months now and he have this amazing conections, my god

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    • You must really like her to be this nervous, which is cute. Kind of need to get out of your head a little bit and go with the flow.
      It is crazy to think I didn't even know this guy 6months ago now we are together and see real potential here

    • But she says the shape of my body or anything isn't going to change what she sees in me and thinks about me, so I guess she's telling the truth

  • My advice would be to have no expectations. If you've only chatted online you will probably feel a bit of a disconnect or awkwardness like you don't know each other. I've met guys after chatting online and they have not been able to handle it when I haven't seemed excited enough to meet them. One guy ruined our date in my view because he repeatedly asked me what I thought of him - I felt like I was being interrogated and didn't really get to know him. He should have just chilled out and let things naturally happen. Also don't be afraid of silences - they are not that bad. And lastly, just make the date coffee or something quick (ie not dinner that means you are stuck there for a long time). If it's going well, then continue the date for longer.

    • "been able to handle it when I haven't seemed excited enough to meet them" - what do you mean?

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    • For a guy, even though he is secute about himself, it's difficult for the mind to accept that the girl is liking his moves. Some guys say, like your guy, but some guys don't say. But I can say to you that every guy thinks like this... woman are just so more convident and secure than men, that's the fact

    • Thanks for your perspective. Yeah it seemed insecure and I just wanted to get to know him but it felt like he was pressuring me with his questions

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  • Talk about things about the location of date like people, or compliment her on the way she looks that should jump start a good real life convo


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