Why do women say you are "too nice" or "too good"?

Context here is I was bold and direct with girl I liked. I've been described by this girl as being "funny" but in the same sentence being "way too nice you know that". Also been described by same girl as "too good". That said, I feel like these are the most backhanded compliments ever and are just an easy way to say im not interested in you as she's not particularly engaging and body language is very mixed.

There is nothing to suggest attraction from her she does look at me and smile in the distance she has no problem making it obvious she is looking at me and she catches my eye etc but I feel she may just enjoy the attention because when we speak she folds her arms a lot isn't that engaging.

Anyways being told you're too nice or too good it's just a horrible way to tell someone they aren't interested.

She could simply be honest and say im not into you rather than complimenting in a way that we both know is hardly genuine.

Is this a woman's most popular way to give someone a hint when they aren't interested
Why do women say you are "too nice" or "too good"?
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