Why can't I get them?

Im a pretty girl. I dont think im one of those jaw dropping ladies out there but i know for a fact my looks are not a problem in the equation. I obviously have my flaws but overall i have a decent personality i believe, i can hold a conversation and have my own opinios on things.
All the guys that want me are the ones im not interested in. Almost like it is some law of the universe. Its not even that i lose interest over the fact they are into me, i just dont like them in the first place. The ones i do like, i seem to never, ever keep around. Its gotten to the point i actually feel bad about myself that i cannot find 1 guy that i like and feels the same in more than a physical way.
I know everything eventually happens, but i might be doing something wrong? I just dont know what.
Why can't I get them?
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