Have been talking to him for almost 2 months, should I give him a Christmas present? How would you guys feel?

I met this guy online and we live in different countries. We have both stated that we are “complicated” individuals that are not really looking for anything other than a friends with benefit type of thing. He’s really difficult to deal with. He is super cold and has a bunch of walls up. Should I give him a present or do you think it wouldn’t be appreciated? Would you guys like a present from a girl that you’ve been talking to for a while?


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  • I would but I'm not the guy your talking to


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  • Mmm I'd be a bit cautious about doing that

    • I think he probably just hasn’t had a nice person so I figured that a nice gesture couldn’t hurt anyone. Whether he appreciated it or not, I personally feel like I’d be being a good friend and setting a tone for our friendship. Do you think my outlook on it is flawed? I just need a little clarity lol

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    • It’d be nice if he appreciated it but if he doesn’t then that sets the tone on his part which allows me to see if we could actually mesh as friends. Investing 25 bucks on a gift card is nothing as opposed to investing x months on someone that eventually shows they are ungrateful and don’t value you. We’ll see! Thank you for your answer!

    • Good luck!

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