Creepy or not, what do you think?

Basically a guy I do theatre with is trying to set me up with his son. This guy must be in his 40s and we work closely together on stage. His son is 14 turning 15 and I've just turned 17. I've never spoken to or met the lad, and his dad keeps messaging me asking how it's going. He also puts "xx" at the end of his messages which I find inopropiate for someone in his position. He has always seemed like a genuine guy to me and it does just seem like he's joking around, but it makes me feel uncomfortable. Opinions?
Could you please drop me a message, I can't seem to get through to you


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  • Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with ever! You don't owe anything to anyone! And also you could get in trouble once you turn 18 and that's in no way worth it.


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  • Yup.


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