How to not feel a sense of longing when I’m not with my Gf?

So when I’m with my girlfriend everything is fantastic! However, when I’m separated from her, especially for a few days as we both have very busy schedules, I just feel this sense of want and longing for her. I know this is because I care for her and everything, I just want to know how to make it less strong so I can focus on my life at hand when I’m not with her. Also , it makes me question if she feels the same way. And while I’m sure she does, feeling this constantly makes me wonder.


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  • I find texting helps, if you get the chance to talk through out the day? At least once. Otherwise just stay busy. It's hard though but other than talking with her, there's no way to "lessen" what you're feeling.

    • Yeah we text but she’s a slow Teter which Im fine with but I’m not going to get much relief through that. Guess I’ll have to just learn to love feeling this way. by the way, how can I tell if she’s feeling the same way?

    • The things she says may give you an idea. Or if she texts you first, good chance she's at least thinking about you. I'm in the same situation and I get little things like that. I hit the jackpot today when I got a text "thinking about you" :)

    • You can always tell her how you feel next time you're together and ask her how she feels. I know it's hard to do and risky, but that's the best way.

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