Is it normal I try to avoid developing crushes now and I fight my internal feelings?

Like there’s an attractive girl who just started working st the store I’m at and each time I look at her I get a voice in my head that goes don’t even try she’s no different and will reject you just like the rest


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  • Yeah I'm just like you, it's probably not really healthy though


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  • Is it normal? Yes. At your age? No.
    Humans are made to avoid pain. So if you associate pain with getting rejected, then you will most certainly avoid it.

    Associate getting rejected by pleasure. A spark of happiness needs to enter your body the moment you get rejected.

    • Well it’s like a classical conditioning in my psychology class if your mind is consistently exposed to rejection quite naturally you assume that every time it’s gonna happen

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    • Try what

    • Try getting rejected.

  • I was same , until one day i started watching irl streamer and he changed my mindset and i just stopped caring if she rejected me


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