Advice for a first date?

So I started being friends with this guy a month I or so ago. We’ve been hanging out a lot at the place we work at which has a bar and a lounge and stuff. A lot of the times we’ve hung out we’ve been drinking but we’ve gone to dinner and stuff casually and not drank at all. And so everyone told me that he liked me and I asked if he did. And long story short we talked about it and have finally decided to go on a date. I’m so nervous. I haven’t really seen him in person since we talked about “us” as a couple. We’ve only been texting about it. So this will basically be the first time seeing each other and officially on a date and I’m nervous out of my mind. He’s still a new friend and I’m still not sure if I only see him as a friend. I think he likes me more than I like him but he’s been really slow with me and considerate cus he knows I feel that way. I’m worried that it’ll go bad and I’ve given him false hope by going on this date with him. I’m worried our friendship won’t be able to recover. I’m worried he’ll try to kiss me and I’m not ready for that. And if I should even be dating him when I don’t have romantic feelings for him. I’m worried about all these things. I don't know what it’s gonna be like. And I think before I go I’m just gonna have like one drink maybe to calm my nerves I don't know then not drink for the rest of the night... help pls?
Advice for a first date?
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