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okay so yesterday i stayed after school with a guy that i really like and we kissed and he called be beautiful and he told me that if he had a super power that it would to make me happy everyday but my friends hate him one of them said to him if he makes me cry than she would cut his dick off so what should I do? should i date him or stay with my friends?


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  • Does your friend that hates him know something that you don't?

  • Friends are just jelous.

  • Can you not do both? If he hurts you let them at him :p

    • true but he will tell everybody that we kissed

    • Ok, well.
      Tell him you like him but want to keep it quiet for X untill your sure, If he tells everyone well u know what he's made of. If it's going well start to breach it with your friends see where they stand, if there good friends they should unless they know something you don't stand by your dession. But broch it slowly and carefully.

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