He asked me out but I lied?

Okay, so my crush is leaving tomorrow for the holidays and we won't see each other for 3 weeks. I knew he was going through some tough days so I asked him how he was. He said everything was fine and he was feeling better and then he asked me what I was doing tonight. I lied and I said that maybe I had to grab dinner with a friend. I'm into him a lot, I confessed my feelings to him first but for some reason I just don't feel like going out because it makes me anxious. We've been out a few times already, I don't like going out too often though, for some reason I lied, don't ask me why. He said "ok, we'll keep in touch, have a nice evening". I didn't reply. Now I don't know what to do.


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  • Learn to step out of your comfort zone otherwise you will come off as cold and he will move on

    • It's so hard for me to do it. I'm so awkward when I'm in public places

    • It's not just you most people who are not used to it find it hard I did too before I found the women I love and was forced to as to not lose her to others who would try woe her

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  • He thinks you're absolutely not interested in him now. At least reply and say - maybe next week? :)

    • We won't see each other til January 9

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    • I hate myself now because I really like him but I have this phobia of going out with him and I don't know why. I can't get out of my house, it's like I can't even enjoy our date because all I can think of is "omg, I don't wanna eat in front of him" "what about who's paying the bill". I know these are dumb fears but it's just me being extremely awkward and insecure

    • they aren't dumb fears, I get it. :) but at the end you won't regret it if you really like him. Simply pay for your own food and he can pay for his. And go out for coffee instead of dinner, you don't need to eat spaghetti or anything in front of him haha

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  • Excuse my language, but stop being a pussy! "You miss 100% of the opportunities you don't take"


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  • Give him a call tomorrow, and whatever you do, don't tell him you lied.


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