Girls, can you give us some examples of a good guy, who is simultaneously able to attract you like a "bad boy" would?

Whatever it is that girls are attracted to in bad boys, is always described as a kind of off-brand, fake, cheap-o version of real masculine confidence or however you like to think about it.

Ok, so what does the REAL brand look like, specifically? What does the "real man" do, that the "bad boy" does... but obviously not as well.

Do you have real life examples you could share?

Or is that all a lie? Actually the bad boy is the best case scenario?


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  • Good guys and bad boys can be hot in both ways you don’t need to be both, either is just as good in my opinion

    • I don’t mean for myself. I aim to get women’s view to help out guys. We believe girls ONLY want bad boys. We don’t understand or see or know... what women like in men who are NOT bad boys.

      Anyways. So to you, the perfect man could be a bad boy, could be a good guy? Both are equal? Many women on GAG say that bad boys are basically the low level version of their ideal man. The best case scenario when there are no “real men” out there.

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    • Thanks that's super interesting. In any case I'm still looking for the qualities in the "good guy" that are equivalent to the bad boy.

    • Being with a “bad boy” is thrilling exciting and tense. Being with a “good guy” is comfortable casual and smooth. Sorry if I’m not making as much sense as one should. Bad boys are usually seen as rebellious and what girls usually aren’t used to which is what they go for when they want a change or something. Good guys are the ones who are relaxed and stuff, good guys are the one you go for if you want what you can be calm and collected with. Either is good and stuff, they both have their perks.

  • I don’t have a thing for bad boys, but my ex is masculine in the sense that he used to fight a lot when provoked


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