Do guys tell his dislikes if he likes you, and can he tell if your tense?

Like the guy I like told me a that he don't like salmon and then told me a story about what happened about it, when he was younger.


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  • No I think it's just a generic conversation he's having another his dislike for salmon and giving you a reason for it basically me when I let people I'm friends with me know that I don't eat cake so don't get me a birthday cake I also tell the story as to why I don't eat cake either.

    To know if he likes you:
    Pay attention to his actions as well see if he enjoys talking to you, spends a lot of time with you looks you in the eyes when talking to you and looks away shyly after you catch him staring at you all those are good signs that means he probably likes you.

    • Yea he enjoys talking to me, he stares at me a lot and looks away when I catch him, also he enjoys making me laugh. We also have liked into each other's eyes like stare deeply into each other's.

    • Okay then he most likely likes you 😊. That's basically how I act around someone I genuinely like and have interest in.

    • Ok thank you!

  • I think the guy is probably just as tense as you are he's just trying to make conversation


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