Should I stay or should I go?

this question is mostly directed to the girls, and regards hookups. i've been in a situation, just last weekend, as i'm sure we all have been at least once, i slept over at a girl's place who i had just met the night before.

and the question is about the etiquette the morning after.

being a weekend bum that i am with a hangover from night before, of course i wanna lounge around at a woman's place that's certainly better kept up than my dirty little apartment. but i always find it awkward to ask them blatantly.

'do you want me to stay' sounds like 'do you like me?'
'do you want me to go?' could make them uncomfortable for similar reason, and if the girl is to say 'yes', it could seem like they're rejecting you and i'm sure they won't be comfortable with that either.

so how do you girls convey that you either want the guy to spend more time with you or you want them to leave?

as for my situation, she wasn't saying anything, letting me lounge and even ordered food for us, but i excused my self after couple hours because i needed to get back to my dog. but i get the feeling she wanted the company.


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  • just be blunt and say "im too tired/lazy to leave, do you mind if i stay a bit longer?"
    that is quite neutral, but beware that if you stay she may always maybe think you want something more than one night stand, so unless you are up for that, its better leave sooner than later


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