Why was dinner awkward?

so i went out with this guy. he asks me when are we going to be official. i was shocked and it caught me off guard. i responded and said "i don't know if your fuking with me, i dont know if your being for real. he then said "thats fuked up". then after dinner was awkward? why?


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  • Why? Lol
    It was awkward because you both made it awkward lol

    You brushed him off and then he felt distant towards you and you let it go on
    You didn't show him back that ya maybe that sounds interesting
    Cmon. Guys can't do everything for you lol

    • yah but i didn't believe him, thats why i responded like that.

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    • LOL
      Ya I think that's an over exageration lol... a little too much ya I agree
      You were in the right... he was the one that made it strange

      And I guess when he realized you weren't buying into it lol... it stopped him right in his tracks ahaha. Which is why things prolly got awkward maybe

    • or maybe the rejection made it akwared. it does not matter, im smart and he didn't get what he wanted. i did make it clear to him i dont have sex and i am saving myself, so yah lol

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  • Because the change in your relationship will need some time to be processed

  • He just wants to fuck you simple

    • Because he was being quick to being official with you and he also want to show off to his friends, if he is in to you why would he care if you want to be official or unofficial

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