So does he like me?

Met a guy online. Chatted for about a week. He never really flirted too much with me. Very very mild. He suggested we go to a movie I said yes. He puts me in the mind of someone who is shy, but then again he said he had lots of girlfriends in his past. When we got to the movies he put his arm on my lower back to guide me into the seat. He told me I looked nice, and offered to hold my coat and purse while I used the restroom. Afterward we hugged by my car for about 5 min. He didn't try to kiss me. We then decided to sit in his car and talk. We talked for 3 hours... he didn't once try to hold my hand, kiss me, nothing. He also didn't make plans to see me again. We hugged goodbye again with no attempt at a kiss from him. When I got home he text to say that he had a good time and that he could have talked to me all night and said "maybe some night we could talk all night" the morning he text, but his text were not as frequent and he took a lot longer to reply then before we met. He said "just texting to say Hi and see how your day was". The thing was is that he asked me what I was doing today and I said "oh nothing really, I would like to go to the park" he just ignored it. I'm super confused... does he like me or not? If he didn't would he still be in contact? But if he does why doesn't he talk about seeing me again and why all the platonic dialogue? Thanks!


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  • It sounds like he does like you, after all, he wouldn't have talked to you for 3 hours if he didn't. It also sounds like he's just really shy when it comes to romance and stuff like that. If he's really had lots of girlfriends in the past, then he's probably used to them making the first move and that would explain how he still hasn't overcome his shyness.

    • Thanks Ryan for your response. So why doesn't he ask me out again if he did the first time?

    • Maybe he figured out that he really likes you a lot and now he's more worried about screwing it up, so in turn, it's made him even shyer.

  • Yeah he likes you but just taking it slow.


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