Are guys okay with dating girls who are less mature than them?

I (21) am currently dating a guy who is 4 years older than me (25), and this is my first time dating someone who is way more mature than me.

The dynamic is definitely a bit different- he would always be the one teaching me about life and relationships and sex, etc. I have then realized that I sometimes act immature like a little girl when I'm with him, which is something that I have never done before when I was dating guys my age.

This makes me question: do guys mind if the girls they are dating was much younger than them? Should I act more mature to suit him?


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  • Guys tend to like younger girls, so it should be fine. As long as you are mature in the right ways. I sort of dated a girl 4 years younger than me (she is 18, me 22) and her method of handling tough situations... Is to just ignore them. So she gave me the silent treatment all the time and I could not handle it, it was very immature. I like to talk out and resolve problems, not pretend they do not exist... But I found her immaturity in other areas to be cute, but there comes a time when you wish someone can just be an adult.
    So be immature in the right ways, all will be fine.

    • Oops I'm guilty of doing this as well so I know exactly what you were saying. This is what I was worried that! That I was too immature for him... Thanks for pointing that out though!

    • *about not that

    • With more dating experience, eventually, people get tired of the drama and just want things to work out. :P
      Things can still work out like this if you really do like him. Everyone matures in time, well usually.

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  • I think is just fine, if you feel insecure you should ask him, i am sure he likes the way you are

  • Nope... its kinda cool.. dont change urself for someone else

  • Yes absolutely they are


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