Is she telling me the truth?

So I’m dating this girl that I love and well we were talking and all of a sudden she comes up with this question that if I’ve ever had a friend with benefits. I told her the truth and I said I didn’t, then I proceeded to ask her the same thing expecting her to say no. She just keeps on thinking for like 15-30 seconds straight (she does that occasionally) and said she was about to have one. I get confused because she’s a super religious girl and her saying that got me surprised because she’s told me she’s not about having sex and that she’s a virgin. The call got awkward and we hung up right after. I honestly don’t like dating a girl that has had sex before, I don't know why but it’s just a turn off and I don't know what to do now that it might be possible that she’s done it before. So what should I do? I don’t even know if she’s even had sex before but just knowing she was close to doing it bothers me. How do I deal with this or how can I know if she’s a virgin?
Is she telling me the truth?
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