Is she telling me the truth?

So I’m dating this girl that I love and well we were talking and all of a sudden she comes up with this question that if I’ve ever had a friend with benefits. I told her the truth and I said I didn’t, then I proceeded to ask her the same thing expecting her to say no. She just keeps on thinking for like 15-30 seconds straight (she does that occasionally) and said she was about to have one. I get confused because she’s a super religious girl and her saying that got me surprised because she’s told me she’s not about having sex and that she’s a virgin. The call got awkward and we hung up right after. I honestly don’t like dating a girl that has had sex before, I don't know why but it’s just a turn off and I don't know what to do now that it might be possible that she’s done it before. So what should I do? I don’t even know if she’s even had sex before but just knowing she was close to doing it bothers me. How do I deal with this or how can I know if she’s a virgin?


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  • You could ask her


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  • I mean besides talking to her in person there is zero way to tell unless you believe/trust her. I feel she's probably made out with a guy before and maybe groped like just an intimate sexual encounter, but she's never actually had sex, maybe she just didn't know what to say and got choked up at the time. Worse case she has had sex before, and she just doesn't want to tell you.


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  • Dude she wants YOU to be the friends with benefits. She almost ask you on that call. She wants to have sex

  • Open your eyes, she wants to bang you.

    • Mhhhh explain further...

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    • @XKhaosW the thing is that me and her are dating. We’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • That's... Odd. Very very odd.
      Either way, talk to her about it. Find out what she meant with that statement. If there's anything fishy going on, you'd rather find it out early.
      And if she really does want to take your relationship to the next level, you'd also want to find it out as early as possible.

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