Can you be romantically satisfied from one place and sexually satisfied from an other?

I love my girlfriend romantically but I have no sexual chemistry for her anymore. I she's a wonderful person and I want her to be happy whatever but I dont even find her sexually attractive anymore.

We've been together 5 years, she's vary caring to the point where she even helped through an 18 month long recovery she clearly loves me and finds me sexually attractive. She clearly looking for me to even propose but I can't. She has let herself go and won't take care of her body even for me so how could I marry someone I dont find attractive. It's been years now i love her too much to break up with her becasue i know it would destroy her. Hiwever, I'm a young attractive guy and I have needs like anyone and I have recently found myself without thinking looking for other outlets for myself sexually like flirting with girls who show an interest. I haven't acted on it yet but I think it just a matter if time.

So the long winded question is can you even have a romantic relationship with one person and be sexually fulfilled somewhere else. (Not necessarily cheating)

I want to know your thoughts. I know sometimes people want a lot more details before they help but that's as much as im willing to say publicly. Im happy to share so if you want, ill message you and we can talk privately just put a * in your response below.

I'm in a pickle Can you be romantically satisfied from one place and sexually satisfied from an other.?


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  • I assume you’ve told her about your issue with her body?

    • Yes. She knows (diplomatically) what I find attractive and she has over the years agreed on several occasions to work on it. But nothing ever happens. And I dont think it's possible for me to concise her how big a deal it is. But id rather pm this stuff.

    • Seeing that this isn't a crowded chat would you like to hazard any advice. Or at least tell me why this out of all my posts has had the least answers?

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