Who should pay?

Never ending debate about who should pay on the first date with a little bit of twist.

Let's see how much effort they made to make this first date happen.

Travel distance (one way) : 5 miles
Train fare total : $4
Travel time total : 40min

Travel distance (one way) : 40 miles
Train fare total : $50
Travel time total : 2.5 hours

Dinner for two was $40

What do you think is fair, he pays, she pays, or go dutch?
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+1 y
It's not about feminism nor I think man should always pay for woman. We went dutch after all. It's not that I'm against going dutch but I was surprised he didn't hesitate at all to go dutch. If it were reverse situation, I would have paid the dinner for him. Whether it's date or with friends, if I asked them out and if they made an effort to come to me, I feel I should at least buy them a meal to show my appreciation for the effort they made. With him, I felt like the effort I made were ignored.
Who should pay?
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