So I read this "hopeful" article and now i'm more depressed than ever, help?

So i've been reallly depressed earlier worrying that i'll never find the one, so i did some googling and got this...

(i can't post the link so just google "am i ever going to find the one" and it's the first result, named "Read This If You're Worried That You'll Never Find 'The One'")

If there's one thing this article has done is that it only made everything worse, i'm literally sobbing right now, NO FUCKING GIRL will appreciate a guy like me, i'm good looking and muscular, but i love too much, no girl will appreciate this love forever, it's boring, and no i don't mean clinginess, i mean to always give her love and affection, i can say i'm almost flawless for a woman, nothing to work on on myself, i've always loved and cared for my ex's the whole time and loved their flaws and insecurities and took care of them, but they couldn't accept SHIT about me, they couldn't accept that i don't want sex yet, that's it, they leave their supposedly "love of their life" for sex! All fucking women are fucking materialistic, they never love! All they love and chase is the bad boys who don't give a flying FUCK about them, i've seen it happen TOO FUCKING MUCH, and the 3% of girls who are actually nice are either taken or lesbians, I've been hurt too much because of this, they all broke my heart and their promises... i've been having a little bit of hope to meet the one lately but now after i read this... i'd just fall back into my depression but never get out of it as i have nothing to live for :')


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  • I read the article and your question. Firstly, you're sixteen bud, you've got a lot of life to live. I used to feel that I had no flaws too but that was just because I was around a whole bunch of awful people and now that I know nicer ones and experience more difficult situations I have realized that yes of course I am hopelessly flawed like everyone else. I think that's the first problem. Second is, you're putting a whole lot of weight to find a girl when again, you're 16 and have plenty of time for that, okay? I'm sure you're a great guy and as you get older you'll find that girls become women and are a lot more appreciative of a good guy.

    Girls your age do fall for guys that aren't good for them, so then don't worry yourself about them. Why be depressed about finding a girl when you have a lot of things going for you? Girls aren't everything bud, and you should be more concerned if you were 30 and still had this problem but I assure you, you won't if you're really a good guy. Just calm down, relax, and don't overreact okay? I should know, I have to remind myself of that often. You're going to be okay.


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