He's confusing as hell?

I met this guy through another friend. We got along really well and pretty soon we were video calling and chatting 24/7.
Soon enough he told me he liked me, I told him I liked him back but wasn't ready for a relationship with him just yet, as I didn't know him well enough. He agreed, and we just continued to get to know each other.

Here's the thing, a couple of days after that, he called me up saying he doesn't want to date me at all, but just the night before he said he really liked me.

What's going on?


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  • That is confusing. If I had to guess I would say he didn’t take your rejection well. I could also see this as part of a push-pull game, he says he’s not interested so you become more interested in him. Obviously it’s working!

    • but the thing is he then tells me he likes another girl. I don't get why he would tell me he wanted to kiss me and date me and stuff and then do that! I've sent him a few messages but he just leaves me on read

    • Well that kind of sounds more like he didn’t take your rejection well.

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  • Maybe he wasn't ready to date you yet


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  • Perhaps he wants to get together but just has a hard time holding on and waiting. I had someone do this on a long distance online situation. She explained herself well and he at least told you if he wasn't eloquent in his explanation.

  • He meant he liked you as a friend


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