Sending him a Christmas card?

With this guy and I, it isn't clear if we are in the friendzone or maybe more.
He madeout with me and then told me he didn't want anything serious. I told him it was his right but I did want something more serious.
But we still keep on seeing eachother.
Recently he gave me a sweet gift (that confused me even more because I don't know if it was a friendly gesture or what?)
Anyways now I kind of want to send him a Christmas card.
Is it too much? I am afraid he will see that I still like him more than a friend and he'll think that I didn't get the message when he said he didn't want a relationship.
Or is it just cool? I don't intend to write anything romantic in the card! Just a happy holidays with a few inside jokes :)


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  • I don't see any problem with a Christmas card, particularly if he has given you a gift


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  • heyyy :)


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