Girls, tell me a story occurs about this?

The question is...

Girls, I'm just curious can you name me a time when you hit a guy in the balls.

When did it happen? e. x - age
Why did it happen? e. x - by accident, was he bugging you?
Where did it happen? e. x - school, home, other?
Who? e. x - stranger, friend, brother, ex-bf, boyfriend, you get the idea
What method? e. x - kick, knee, using an object, punch?
Did you laugh?
Was he in pain?
If I dared you to kick me for a Jacka**ss video would you?

sorry for all the questions, thanks lol.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I do it almost every time I’m with my boyfriend on accident. But my sister got in a fight once with her man (like an actual fistfight) and she kicked him so hard her threw up.

    • you're everything I want in a girlfriend, accidental nut shot girlfriends are the best! lol, i'm kidding, don't worry I'm not judging you... shit happens.

  • I have never done such thing to anybody... yet...

  • I have never.


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