Online dating question - is it best to state that you want a relationship, if you actually want one?

i've heard every now and then that girls actually prefer this, if they are looking for a relationship as well. but i feel if two of those people (who state they want a relationship) meet up, they will put up way too much pressure on the other person, or just the situation, or at least have high expectations, since this 'meeting' is basically to see if they can be in a relationship or not. this might even happen subconsciously for most people.
and that is in my opinion the problem.
isn't figuring it out if two people are compatible a process? it should start with just enjoying being with each other, and slowly developing into something more serious. this whole process gets eliminated, if the goal from minute 1 is to be in a relationship..
i think so, at least
how do you people see this?


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  • Well for me it's like I need to be friends with someone before I want to be in a relationship with them so I don't think you should just go about it so seriously at first.

    • i agree with you, and i dont want to go about it seriously at all, but most the girls i encounter online, who claim that are just looking for friends, are really just looking for friends

    • thanks for the feedback by the way :)

    • No problem:)

  • your theory is correct.

    • thanks for your input :)

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