Women, does height override weight on the attention hierarchy?

I met this guy who we shared a mutual friend with, and he's not fat but he isn't flat stomached or skinny either. However, he seems to do very well with women. He's 6ft 5 inches tall. Does his height contribute to his success with women? Would it trump his weight? I've even noticed with myself, I hsve a gut but I'm 5'11 and I've dated thin women. So ladies, does height override weight in the attraction hierarchy? Thank you.
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  • personally i prefer men who are taller which in my case is most men seen as im 5ft1 😂 also i like my man to have some sort of weight im not into skinny its a protective feeling haveing a man who has something on him. id say it equals tbh


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  • Height is more important to me than weight but there is a limit.

  • A tall guy with a little extra fluff is going to be more attractive than a short fit guy. But a short fit guy is going to be more attractive than a tall fat guy.

    It's a delicate balance.

    Tall and fit
    Tall and chubby
    Short and fit
    Short and chubby
    Tall and fat
    Short and fat

    That's the line up.

  • For me, yes - but not in a way if the guy is extremely underweight or overweight - that can't be ignored...

    • How about 5'11 220 lbs? That's my height and weight and so far I seem to do okay with women.

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    • Maybe... I mean guys, to me, look a bit better with a bit more weight. Besides - in the metric system being of your best weight is defined as - 100...
      So if you're 180 cm your best weight would be 80kg... So I guess you're overweight, but I doubt it looks bad by any means. Now for a woman it's -110, i. e., so if she's 160cm, she should weigh 50kg.

    • Yeah I understand. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • I think that when someone is tall it is less obvious that they are overweight, at least it is something I have noticed.


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