Where to find girls my age (and I guess maturity?)

hey guys so question with a story set up for ya: I just turned 23 and I'm a starting sophomore this fall. In all honesty I would really like to find a girlfriend this year.

Now I'm pretty socially active in college as I'm in a couple of socially-oriented organizations (Im a VP of one) so its not like I don't meet anybody. The problem is my school really follows the whole 18-freshmen, 19-sophomore, 20-junior, and so on. And while there are a few slightly older women there, I don't really meet them because the orgs I'm in REALLY follow the above scheme.

And not only that, most of the girls I meet are into the whole going out EVERY night to party and get drunk and act stupid phase. Don't get me wrong. I like a good party too but its like I gotta study sometimes or I even would rather stay home and watch a movie lol.

Also I'm not against to dating younger girls, I'm just not really interested in the girls that I've just described.

ANYWAYS, do any of y'all know what I'm talking about or have any advice on where I could meet girls closer to my age or girls who aren't into the party-every-night phase. (On or Off campus)

If any of you are going to college right now, do you have any advice on what attracts or draws out a more mature crowd. Thanks a bunch!

I mean 18yrs old, 19yrs, 20 yrs...


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  • Well you could try a local Church group. Or try some kind of organization out in town may.