When my boyfriend goes hangs with his friends. Problem?

So I have a healthy relationship and its going great, but he has friends that live an hour away and just the other day i only talk to him once, and he said "baby ik im sorry ill text you at 8" but he never did i left him be. Of course I still texted him but i mean at least say a hello he didn't even text good night. I dont want to be clingy and i know that i should be doing other things like go hang with the girls, all my friends are guys and those guy friends are also his friends and i dont just go to their houses unless he's going, but a lot of girls dont like my humor so i dont get asked to go hangout at there houses so in other words its hard for me to make time for myself. I can't go to places either i dont have a car and i can't go somewhere its too far so i just watch netflix and ever single time an episode ends i check my phone repeatedly to see if he texted me he says he's busy i know.. but i dont know anymore
As an update he says that he's too busy with his friend and cannot just stop a conversation. I asked what if its your mother u can't just ignore her you'll get introyble he says then ill get introuble, i dont understand i can't explain to him why im upset about this.


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  • Guys will mostly lose track of time if they are having out or having a good time and seemingly thats just the case here.
    Dont be so hard on yourself or your boyfriend.
    What you are feeling is just out of lack of things to invest your time and energy in.
    Dont worry

    • I told you, its just a guy thing.
      He would answer the call from his mom because that is the lady who has birthed him and cared for him for all his life and some people have a position in your life that you can't replace and nothing is above them in the priority list.

  • This is crude and blunt but you need to find some hobbies for yourself to do. While you boyfriend is kinda in the wrong here for not replying its his time and his choice as to what he does with it.

    If he's not being attentive to your needs then there's a problem.
    Think of it as this:
    Your life, your time
    His life, his time,
    The relationship, both your time

  • You def need to find something to do on your own. I do not blame the boyfriend not responding. He is out with his friends, in one aspect to get away from you. Thats not a bad thing and i dont say it to be meen. But everyone needs a break. If my wife or i go out separate from eachother. Neither of us contact the other unless its to say where we are going or when they are headed home. I have a feeling if he responded to your text. There would be a followup then another. You really have to make an effort to find friends with simular interests. Being totally 100% invested in a boy friend is a bad idea. When the relationship becomes your identity if it ends you will be crushed with no friends for support.


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