Will this affect their friendship?

Okay so I was Dating this guy , I'm just gonna go ahead and say their names ( josh ) and me and josh we weren't officially together but we were seeing one another and basically dating. We dated for like 5 months and we both ended because we agreed it was the wrong time for one another. We had a long conversation about it and he said 'everything I said to you I meant, I really wanted us to be official but it's just the wrong time and I can't be distracted during this exam season' I had noting to say because it's very true, even he was distracting me.

after this like a month later one of his close friends ( basically best friend ) really liked me and he kept trying and trying to be with me, he said he wants me that badly and he's not gonna give up on me. I told him that it's too soon after my ex and he said that he would wait around for me. He didn't stop putting in effort , he said I'm beautiful and the only girl I want. After 2 months I just told him that it's just too soon so I ended it. Anyways I really want this guy now but I was just wondering will this affect their friendship? My ex and his? The guy said the fact that I was dating his friend didn't matter he still really wants me. I really wanna speak to him but I don't wanna be the reason to affect them. Im thinking get with him if he still wants me. Will it affect them?


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  • Definitely
    Not to mention that everyone would be talking about it considering the situation, and you can say 'adios' to your social reputation as well.

  • Yes.


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