Have you gotten more selective with who date as you've gotten older?

I've gotten a lot of matches of tinder, bumble, and other dating sites/apps lately, but there are times where I feel a girl could be cute but we don't click and have absolutely nothing in common. Vice versa can happen too where she could be cool and share common interests but then I meet her in person and she ends up being a catfish.

It also feels like I'm pulling hairs when I talk to them as I try to start a conversation and they'll give short replies or do nothing to further the conversation or the conversation just feels like it's all small talk which gets boring first. Fuck that shit. Not to mention how costly dating can be and with all the flaky people there are.

Bottom line is, dating is as tough as is. There is no perfect person, but I'm also not gonna date just for the sake of dating someone.

How do you feel?


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  • Not really. My preferences haven't changed.

    • I still have my preferences but some of the girls I'd be more open minded and gave a shot with just ended up being duds.

      What are your preferences?

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    • I don’t mind rap and country, but I like the older kind. Generally when I hear a girl likes country, it’s the shitty kind like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney and the like. Rarely do they like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, George Jones, etc.

    • Yeah, that is what i am talking about

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