Why would he be ignoring me?

This guy I have been dating for 8 months now, and we usually text and call each other EVERYDAY since we met. Well because one of his friends graduated from college, he decided to go hang out with the boys for the weekend. I was fine with it... their just one city over, but he literally has stopped texting and calling me ever since he left. I've texted him to check in but got nothing- even though I see that he is online. I'm starting to overthink. Should I be worried and why would he be ignoring me?


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  • You should ask directly from your boyfriend. We don't know anything about your boyfriend because every guy is different.

  • Does he hang with the guys often, play games maybe, work?

    • No not really... he doesn't get a chance to hangout with his friends because he's always working.

    • Hmm. He is either trying to get paid extra money for himself and you or this is critical and you need to talk to him

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