What's the difference from casual dating, dating, and exclusively dating?


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  • Well it can depend from person to person. But here is my take

    Casual Dating- Can be non-romantic or have the intention of romance. It can be anything from a business/recreational date up to and including a first tinder hookup and anything like it.

    Reg. Dating- Usually intended with the opprotunity of romance. With a person you know or have recently met. Can also be with several people at once as no commitment has been finalized. HOWEVER the number of suitors and partners should decrease as you find interest in a particular partner moving toward exclusive dating.

    Exclusive Dating- The name alone implies it's difference can be anything from commited goi ng steady to thinking about marriage and cohabitation fiancee. Ideally a monogamous relationship between two people or at the very least a strong relationship between two people.

    Hope that clears it up or answers your question


What Girls Said 1

  • Casual is you date more than one person but not serious, dating could be dating more than one person but thinking of settling down, exclusively dating is with someone and only that someone


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