Where and what is the best way to meet a potential girlfriend?

I've searched endlessly on websites to know where to go to meet single girls. There are websites that say taking a class is a great way, except I tried that recently and there was only two girls out of the entire class.

I've tried dating websites and apps, but only about 1 out of 50 girls respond and even then those who do seem to just be passing the time with the app.

I currently live in a very conservative and religious city, which for someone who is agnostic doesn't help. Because, I'm sure that if I were to start going to some church, just to meet a girl that might not go over well. And even if I was able to deal with listening to sermons, I'd probably end up getting kicked out of the church, when I started asking about all the contradictions or lack of explanations. No offense to religious people reading this. (I'm not against religion, I just see too many holes in the philosophy.)

But anyway, does anyone have any suggestions on where and what is the best way to meet a potential long term girlfriend?


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  • Literally anywhere except inside your own home. So get out there and talk to EVERYONE. Smile, say hi. Along the way you'll meet her

    • VERY true couldn’t have said it better myself

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    • Clubs, streets, malls, venues, etc

    • Unless I'm mistaken, based on the responses the two of you provided. It seems as though you read only the title, but not the body of content I added. Because saying, "Clubs, streets, malls, venues, etc" or even, "literally anywhere except inside your own home". That really is about as generic as a person can get.

      Unless of course you're stuck on the part where I said I searched websites for answers. Because I did also say I recently took a class, in which there was only two girls in the class out of several guys. I also do work and go to the stores for groceries, which, what do you know, that's actually outside of my home.

      So, anyway, sorry about the sarcasm, I was just hoping for some input that would narrow the search beyond more than just general locations.

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