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How did you meet your partners?

I've been single a long time, and I just don't ever seem to meet anyone and feel any spark anymore. My social life is almost non existent, I try to find things to do but my town is rubbish for it. London is only a 45 minute train ride, but that doesn't seem like a good option. I've tried online dating, but let's be honest, it's bullcrap


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  • At a mutual friend's house warming party. A total coincidence. I was thinking of not going, because I hate social events, but on retrospect I'm super glad I did.

  • Eh heh, yeah bullcrap online dating is, totally didn't meet my boyfriend on there... XD

    Anyway, I met my boyfriend on a dating app that was quite interesting, at first you can swipe right on the person based on their picture and likes and dislikes and religious beliefs, and so on. Then, if you match you can talk to them but they don't show their picture until you've sent a certain amount of messages, so you have to get to know them before seeing them. Anyway, that's how I met him, I accidentally had my search in another state, fell in love, he flew over to see me and it was amazing that he did that for me. We talk every day and have seen each other about 3 times in 7 months which has been hard but once I get my own place he can see me more. :)

    I do agree that most of the time online dating sucks, but there are some hidden gems. Anyway, that's how I met him. :)

    • I don't deny that it's possible, it's just so based on appearance, which doesn't exactly favour me

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    • I doubt I would but it'd be a good holiday I'm sure

    • Either way it would be a good thing I think. :)

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