Does she like me or just wants attention?

I got infatuated with a girl from work, which is fine if she would feel the same about me but I think she doesn't (yet?). This is going on for months now.

She is showing me mixed signals. It could be I'm seeing things because I like her but some things she does make me think she might want more. Things like when I'm making her laugh she usually touches me a lot, last Friday she put her hand on my thigh in the car when I made her laugh. She often looks at me at work with a flirty look. She also mentioned a few times that she needs a massage or hasn't had sex for quite some time and mentioned we should do something together. Touching her is also not a problem, although I did not do anything really daring yet, just things like putting my arm around her because she was cold.

I did not make a real move because she works with me so I don't want to look like a fool. Most of the people at my work actually think we are secretly dating and think we would look good as a couple. The mixed signals come when I try to make a conversation with her. I did not ask her out directly but I did give her quite a few hints, asking her what she's doing in the weekend etc. but she does not give me anything I can work with.

It could be that there's some cultural difference since she's Polish and her English is not that great. Ofcourse I would have liked to hear that she's into me but she probably isn't totally into me. So my question really is; Is there any way she could get more interested in me over time? And if not: How do I cope with being infatuated with a person at work without getting a new job?
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Not sure if anyone still reads this but I want to thank you for your comments.

Perhaps it was not the best time to ask since she's on holiday to Poland now for 2,5 weeks but I did ask her to have a drink with me after she gets back and she laughed a bit shyly and said yes.

Still I'm not very confident yet. She did not really message me and I'm afraid she might flake and just told me what I wanted to hear but I guess we will see what happens.
Does she like me or just wants attention?
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