My crush is taurus sun and scorpio moon I think.. how should I use is so he finally approaches me? HE DOES SO SMALL BABY STEPS?

So i have many clues that my crush likes me but i ain't sure how to act normal when we ever talk ( 3 stimes aweek tho we have the same classes!) I my anxiety hits and my flirtyness evaporates in a way! I am aries sun with piscies moon..


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  • Is the tarus his car? Just be a woman who wants her man know who he should be talking to.

    • What do u mean?

    • Hahaha, I'm just poking fun. You are interested in someone. Your job is to let him know. Apparently you are shy. If he looks your way, try to look back. If he doesn't, make some kind of noise to attract his attention. Drop something for example.

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