Girls, introverts or extroverts? what are you more attracted to?

(What kind of guys do you like), (what you think you are)

Assuming that the guy we're talking about is average - kinda sexy looking
  • Him: Introvert, and I'm Introvert
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  • Him: Introvert, and I'm Extrovert
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  • Him: Extrovert, and I'm Introvert
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  • Him: Extrovert, and I'm Extrovert
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well Im an introvert.

    Both have their advantages. A fellow introvert would understand the need for alone time. Downside in the long run when we move in together, he's gonna be home all the time too. I won't have the house to myself as often. And a lot of introverts are shy, and I'm shy so that's not gonna work out.

    Extroverts, usually extroverts are more talktive and I'm kinda quiet so it works out. In the long run he's not a homebody so he'll be out hanging with his friends, not bothering me. Downside he might not get that I don't feel like going anywhere or I just wanna be by myself.

    All that to say I don't know, I guess extroverts for the opposites attract thing, we'd balance each other out I suppose.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I like extroverted people more since I'm an extrovert. What I didn't like about my boyfriend was that I had to introduce him all the time to new people and had to introduce myself to his friends. I couldn't just let go of him and have fun at a party, because he would just sit somewhere complaining that he didn't know anyone, even after I introduced him to my friends.
    He also didn't want to talk to new people when traveling etc. It's just a hassle sometimes.

  • Well I don't know I feel like my boyfriend is more of an introvert and in an extrovert but there are times where he is social which is so much fun

  • Don't really care

  • Doesn't matter for me.


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