Why would she ask if I had sex with my girlfriend yet?

Prior to that question she was talking all sexually and asking me a couple sexual questions including her deepest and darkest of kinks. (Note: She's married and my friend)


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  • That’s a thing that friends talk about. There’s nothing going on.

    • I really hope so cuz this is the first time her and I have had a convo like this and my girlfriend is theoretically her best friend so she should already know though.

  • She's curious? Do you think she's interested in you?

    • I feel she might be, I know she has a thing for black guys, but she's married to a white guy that doesn't even know Spanish like her and I do. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    • True thus why I'm hoping it's innocent

    • Keep it so on your end

What Guys Said 1

  • Because she already knows that you haven't had sex with your girlfriend because women talk. And you're making your girlfriend think you don't like her because you haven't done it yet. She's talking to you on behalf of her friend, but she's not going to walk up to you and say "you need to go f**k your girlfriend because she's insecure." She's easing into the topic to hide her motivation and to get you fired up sexually before bringing your girlfriend into the conversation.

    Women do this because it works... Only not quite as well as they think it does. But you are living proof that it does work. Look how completely confused you are.

    Great, now you have the answer. Now go take care of business with your girl and don't ruin your relationship with your friend. And above all, don't mention this talk to your girlfriend or you will ruin both relationships. Cheers.


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